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Years from now, when you’re flipping your your wedding album, what do you want to feel? Imagine your children or grandchildren exploring your wedding pictures. What reaction do you see in their faces? It’s obvious: A wedding album isn’t just about the pictures inside it. The best wedding photography allows you to step inside and relive those moments in your life. Your wedding pictures should conjure of the emotions of that day, the feeling of promising to share your life with your beloved spouse. It is a legacy to share with your children and grandchildren, giving you the ability to pass on those memories to future generations. The references below will help you see the importance of different elements within your wedding day, and how the team at Jonathan Connolly Photography can help you create wedding photographs that last a lifetime.

Wedding Destinations

The place where you hold your wedding has a great bearing on the atmosphere of your wedding day. Find out more about your dream wedding destination by following the links below.

South Florida
Miami, FL
Boca Raton, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Charleston, SC
Nashville, TN
New York
Santa Barbara
Los Angeles
Key West

Wedding Photography Styles

What kind of story do you want your wedding photos to tell? The best wedding photography fits in with your unique style. Perhaps you’re looking for something more classic that stands the test of time, a more photojournalistic approach, or something artistic. In any case, it’s a good idea to define your unique wedding photography style in advance.


Wedding Scenery

The backdrop of your ‘I do’ is a place you will never forget. Etched into every picture will be the beautiful wedding scenery of your choosing. Selecting the perfect scenery will give you the best wedding photography.


Types of Weddings

It’s time to come to an agreement with your partner about the type of wedding and ceremony you’d like to have. For example, will you include traditional elements in your wedding? If you and your partner come from different backgrounds or cultures, which customs will you include or exclude? Deciding on these elements and discussing them with your photographer will allow you to include them in your wedding photography, capturing these special moments to remember for a lifetime.


Wedding Styles

Each couple has their own unique wedding style. Are you a country bride, or are you looking for a destination wedding? Does your style lean more towards traditional or bohemian? Exploring wedding styles allows you to capture the atmosphere of your choosing, and include it in your wedding album. Using the references above, you’ll be able to make an informed choice about all the different elements of your wedding. All of these points will be then be captured by the camera, allowing you to see the beautiful results for years to come. The memories you make on your wedding day will last a lifetime, but the best wedding photography allows you to relive those memories over and over again.


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